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How did you hear about Humanunity.org?


Of course you are! So am I.

We all agree we are humans. But then we forget about it in our daily lives.

Yes, we are humans, but can we actually live as humans? We live out of our differences, disagreements and conflicts.  With today's ever-shrinking world, these disagreements could coalesce and confederate all populations on the globe,  overwhelming  our  current  outdated, dysfunctional capacity for agreement. This is a profoundly unstable and untenable situation for all on Earth.

Among the Signers
of the
Declaration of Human Unity


His Holiness the Dalai Lama                 Archbishop Desmond Tutu
   World Human-focused Leader                     Human Courage Awardee (1985)

   Javier Pérez de Cuéllar            Walter Cronkite (1916-2009) 
Former UN Secretary General               America's Consummate Journalist

But what would happen if we actually lived as humans, coming from our bedrock agreement as humans with common interests rather than from disagreement based on endless secondary issues? Could we  surpass every past hope and expectation by creating an environment that is secure, whole and healing for everyone on Earth? What could be more sane, more practical, more inspiring, while  incomparably cost-effective? What could be a better legacy to leave our children and grandchildren?


This website has been created to examine the urgency of these times, to explore  the immense possibilities that can open up when we choose to  really live—as humans—in harmony  with all our most cherished identities.   


How might we ensure these extremely auspicious human priorities? To get the Big View of how the Human Unity Project addresses our planet's very urgent needs—and to find out how you can be involved—see Welcoming All Humans.

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